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Cyber ​​fraudsters selling plasma on the Internet to cure Coronavirus.

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In Maharashtra’s capital Mumbai, there have been cases of some people selling plasma of patients recovering from coronavirus. Some cyber fraudsters have been found to illegally sell blood plasma of patients recovering from Covid-19 on the darknet. They claim that it can miraculously protect plasma from coronavirus infection. Police are investigating the case. A senior police officer gave this information on Saturday.

Plasma therapy is being used on an experimental basis for the treatment of severe cases of Kovid-19 in India and other countries. Special Inspector General of Police, Maharashtra Cyber ​​Police, said that taking advantage of this, the counterfeiters are offering plasmas (a component of blood) of cured patients as a miracle cure on the darknet and offering to sell it, That is supposed to be an antibody to the virus.

Police are keeping an eye on, preparations for quick action
He said, ‘Our team is investigating this. We have got screenshots of such publicity. ‘ He said that its website exists on the Dark Net, which is not listed. He informed that apart from keeping an eye on such illegal activities, the cyber police is also monitoring the spread of objectionable content on social media and misinformation.

For the first time in the country, the Maharashtra Cyber ​​Police is sending notices under Section 149 of the Code of Criminal Procedure to broadcasting objectionable content online. Section 149 empowers the police to take steps to prevent possible crime. The official said that notices have been sent to 122 online users so far and objectionable content posted or shared by more than 60 people has been removed.