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Cyber ​​Criminals’ New Handcuffs, Sapling Greed For Free Gifts for cheating huge money.

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A fresh case of online shit has surfaced. In this, a group of online gangsters cheated lakhs of rupees by offering people free gifting on fake e-commerce portal. In the investigation, it has been found that people received a call from agents of a fake shopping website called ‘Kart4all’. These agents used to tell customers to be flexible for the free gift given under the company’s promotional offer.

Agents used to call
A student from Maharashtra, first of all about this fraud, said. In his police compilation filed in February 2019, the student said that he had called an executive who was calling himself an employee of an online shopping company in Delhi. The executive said to the student that the company is giving free gifts to select customers to increase their business.

Shopping of 500 rupees was necessary
Talking about the deals offered by the company, that executive asked the student to shop at least 500 rupees before the student to get a free gift. The student said that according to the executive, after the purchase of Rs 500, he will be entitled to get a laptop or LED TV. After appearing for the offer offered by the Executive, the student ordered a bed sheet from that fake website. After this the executive asked the student that he would now be given a laptop gift of Rs 80,000.

Money demanded for GST and insurance
Shortly after this, the student got Rs 12,000 as GST payment and 27,000 rupees for insurers. The thugs assured the student that they would get the payment gradually as a refund. The student lodged a police complaint after not getting the laptop for a long time after doing both the payments.

Police launched investigation
In the investigation launched by the police, it has been learned that these thugs have fabricated with about 100 people in this manner. In some cases, these thugs had also delivered the minimum purchase items of 500 rupees to the customers.