CWG 2022

CWG 2022: Olympic silver medalist won gold, achieved second consecutive gold in Commonwealth Games

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The first gold medal for India at the CWG 2022 was won by Mirabai Chanu. The 2018 CWG was held in Gold Coast, Australia, where Mirabai Chanu took home the gold medal. She was anticipated to raise the Indian tricolour in Birmingham as well. Likewise, something similar occurred. She succeeded in lifting 84 kg on her first try and 88 kg on his second, dominating. In the snatch competition, the weightlifter who came in second to her only lifted 74 kg. After the snatch competition, Mirabai Chanu took first place and was predicted to win the gold. In the clean and jerk, she won the gold by lifting a weight of 109 kg in the very first attempt. This is Mirabai Chanu’s second consecutive gold in the Commonwealth Games.

At the 2018 Gold Coast Games, Mirabai Chanu had already won the B gold medal. Maribai’s snatch record is 88 kg, while her clean and jerk record is 118 kg. Mirabai Chanu won the silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics by snatching 88 kg and clean and jerking 115 kg. Chanu earned the gold in the 2017 World Championships in addition to the bronze at the 2020 Asian Championships.

Mirabai Chanu also set a record at the Commonwealth Games (CWG 2022). She performed a clean and jerk of 113 kg and a snatch of 88 kg. She also created a Games record in her name in addition to this.

After winning the gold, she said, “I am very happy, I have won the second consecutive gold for India in the Commonwealth Games.”