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CVIGIL app launches before Lok Sabha election 2019, Complaint on violation of Code of Conduct.

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The dates of Lok Sabha elections have been announced in the country and the code of conduct has also been implemented. In order to make the voters even more powerful, a mobile app has been launched by the Indian Election Commission. With the help of this app, any voter can send a photo or video commission to the violation of the code of conduct in his area and after the investigation of the matter, the concerned action will be taken. The good thing is that the user’s identity will be confidential in this app and they will not have to disclose their names or details.

Chief Election Officer Sunil Arora said about this app, “With the help of cVIGIL App, citizens can report any kind of mess on their mobile and report in the commission and take immediate action on violation of any code of conduct. Will. For this, the complainant will not have to go to any office and will not have to go through a long process of making a written complaint. ” He said that the purpose of this app is to give more power to the voter.

cVIGIL is an easy-to-use Android-based app and users can use it easily. For this, they only have to click the picture or make a video. Simultaneously giving information briefly about the infringement and uploading it to the Commission in the next step. This process is easy and user identification will also not be obvious. District Control Room will send the Flying Squad on the spot and confirm the matter and take action.

Arora said, ‘The authorities and the concerned officers will take action within 100 minutes of the complaint.’ Apart from this, voters will not have difficulty in identifying the candidates of their area, their photo will be printed on ballot papers and will be displayed on EVMs also. With this help, in a misleading situation, the voter can vote right after seeing the picture of his favorite candidate. For this, their photographs have also been sought from the candidates. Let us state that there will be polling for Lok Sabha elections between April 11 and May 19 and elections will be held on May 23.