Cryptocurrency News: Bitcoin rose 0.04 percent while Cardano and Solana decline

Crypto Technology

Most of the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization were trading down in Wednesday’s trading, with BNB and Cardano seeing the most significant drops. Over the previous 24 hours, the global cryptocurrency market capitalization fell 0.48 percent to $2.00 trillion, while trading volumes increased 8.54 percent to $103.29 billion.

The most important cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was down 1.18 percent at $43,406.01. The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization was still up 12% in the previous seven days. The price of Ethereum was $3,080.69, down 1.84 percent.

Avalanche increased 4.77 percent to Rs 6,872.5, while Cardano fell 5.49 to Rs 92.80. In the last 24 hours, Polkadot declined 3.86 percent to Rs 1,703.16, while Litecoin fell 2.42 percent to Rs 10,538.65. The value of Tether increased by 0.4 percent to Rs 78.8.

Memecoin SHIB fell 5.58 percent to Rs 12.41, while Dogecoin fell 3.71 percent to Rs 12.41. Terra (LUNA) dropped 3.65% to Rs 4,500.

The Picasso Administration, which regulates the use of the name and any remaining Picasso assets held by heirs, released comments explaining that the NFTs are not legitimate Pablo Picasso works. The organization stated that Florian’s NFTs will be “his own creation, independent of any claim to Pablo Picasso and his masterpieces.”

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