Crown Prince Salman of Saudi Arabia will be able to keep the other princes calm?

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Those who claim to know Saudi Arabia also can not say for sure that there are so many rulers in the royal family who rule there.
Ahmed Zaki, who closely watched Saudi Arabia, “There are differences over the number, but it is estimated that the number of princes is close to seven thousand. And as far as the princesses are concerned, the information about them Even less. ”
Zaki says, “There will not be so many people anywhere in the world who hold the title of Prince.”
All of them belong to the royal family of Saudi, and in 1932 the descendants of Abdul Aziz bin Saud, who founded the Saudi empire. By the time of Abdul Aziz’s death, the expansion of Saudi Arabia from the Gulf to the Red Sea had taken place from Iraq to Yemen.
Zaki, who has done a lot of research on Saudi Arabia, points out that as soon as he was born, the descendants of bin Saud get the title of prince and he is authorized to get the throne.
Abdul Aziz bin Saud had many wives and many dozen children. Bin Saud married many women of the tribes living in the Arabian peninsula.
It is not known exactly how many wives of bin Saud were, but in some studies it has been estimated that bin Saud married more than 20 women.
The baby born in the royal house has many privileges from birth. Courtney Fryer, who researched the Gulf countries’ policies at the London School of Economics, says, “The biggest impact of this lunatic horde of princes is on the power of Saudi. Everyone gets some strength and nothing else. Some responsibilities are met. ”
Earlier, many leaked documents have shown that in the 1990s, the annual expenditure of members of the royal family was about 200 million dollars or about 13,000 crore rupees.
In an article published in Reuters in 1996, it was said, “Bin Saud’s descendants, who are far below the hereditary order, get money every month.”
According to Ahmad Zaki, “Now talk about the prince who is not directly the son, grandson or grandfather of bin Saud, but the nephew or his son, they are also given 10 thousand dollars every month.”
Zaki says, “If these members come in upper ranks in the lineup of bin Saud, then the method of payment is different for them. They are given barrels of oil, which they sell and earn money.”
Power control
The particular thing is that despite having thousands of prizes, there is no big upheaval in the Saudi state. Most of these ambitions are calmed down by giving important positions in various institutions.
Over the last several decades, bin Saud’s descendants have been in charge of the Ministry of Interior, Defense and Finance. Apart from this, the responsibility of institutions like the various parts of the army and the National Guard has been given to any prince.
Due to the division of rights in this way, there has been stability in governance.
Courtney Fryer says, “It has happened that the decision-making process and its implementation take time because many people of the royal dynasty are involved in this process.”
Having so much of Shahi Khananan can lead to problems in governance. Fryer says, “Being so many heirs, many princes can try to get the throne, so that the current king can be threatened and also the stability of the government.”
Salman bin Abdul Aziz is now King of Saudi Arabia and most of his brothers have died. It looks like Salman can now hand over power to the next generation.
In the year 2015, Salman made his nephew Mohammad Nawafh a Crown Prince.
This appointment was spent some time that the sick King Salman declared his aspiring son Mohammed bin Salman as the Deputy Crown Prince. In two years, there was such a turmoil that Salman showed his nephew out as a way out of his son Mohammed Bin Salman as a promotion Crown Prince. The tradition that came about with the throne was broken.
Swapped Saudi states
Then came the seven nights of the night when there were three incidents in Riyadh that changed Saudi Arabia. The particular thing is that there was no direct connection between these three events.
First, the shocking declaration of Saad al-Hariri from Riyadh that he is leaving the post of Lebanese Prime Minister.
Second, a few hours after the announcement of Hariri, it was revealed that a long distance missile released by the rebels of Yemen had come near the King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, although it was destroyed before the goal.
The third political bomb exploded at midnight. In Saudi Arabia, dozens of princes, billionaires and former ministers were either arrested or ablaze.
32-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was a bold decision to strengthen the control of power in the new Saudi Arabia.Zaki says, “Whatever is happening is unprecedented, the first power was shared between seven or eight brothers, but now the power has just come to one person, with Crown Prince, anytime, anything can happen. Things are very unstable. “