Covid-19 pandemic did not slow down the pace of climate change – UN report.

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Last year, during the Covid-19 pandemic, some environmental assessments reports showed a sharp drop in the amount of pollution. Many pictures of those areas were shared on the Internet in which the views were apparent due to the clear air. In India, too, the Himalayan mountains were visible away from many plains of Uttar Pradesh, which were not visible earlier. People felt that the human activities that stopped due to the lockdown might have prevented climate change. But a recent report by the United Nations clearly states that the pandemic has not slowed the pace of climate change at all.

The pace of climate change remained ineffective
In this report released by the United Nations on Thursday itself, it has been warned that the Covid-19 epidemic has not slowed the pace of climate change. Due to the Coronavirus, since January last year, there was a lockdown in the world. Due to this, due to the closure of economic activities, along with the closure of vehicles in all the big cities of the world, the factories there were also closed.

Only temporary effect
In this UN report, it has been said by the World Meteorological Organization that due to these lockdowns and economic slowdown, only last year carbon dioxide emissions were only temporarily reduced. WMO general secretary Petteri Talas also said that some people thought that the Covid-19 lockdown might have positively affected the atmosphere, but it was not.

Emissions levels did not come down
The United in Science 2021 report said that the energy and industry sector’s global fossil-fuel CO2 emissions levels from January to July were either equal to or higher than those in the same period of 2019 before the pandemic. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says this is a critical year for climate action. The results have been warning where we have reached.

The effect was not effective
The AW MO says that at the time of the initial Covid-19 wave of the year 2020, the reduction in emissions was only for a short period. The report noted that this did reduce the increase in annual atmospheric amounts of greenhouse gases throughout that year. But this effect was minimal in terms of natural diversity.

Greenhouse gases keep rising
The report states that the amount of CO2 emitted by road changes in 2021 was less than the level of the outbreak of the epidemic. But the contribution of greenhouse gases to global warming continued to increase. Guterres says the world is still lagging behind the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Great effort needed
Guterres said that it would be impossible to stop the increase of global warming to 1.5 degrees centigrade unless work is done to stop the emission of greenhouse gases on a large scale immediately and rapidly. Otherwise, our people and the planet will soon have to be prepared to face the disastrous consequences.

Many countries of the world are engaged in setting the deadline for zero carbon emissions. Most countries have announced it to choose the final deadline from the year 2050 to 2060. Meanwhile, America’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement in the last few years also impacted efforts to stop climate change. Now, this effort is expected to intensify with America coming back in it.