Covid-19 next variant will be more infectious than Omicron- WHO warns

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Experts have cautioned that the next Covid-19 variation would be more transmissible, and maybe more lethal, than its predecessors, even as the globe returns to normalcy with the Omicron wave diminishing.

At a recent press conference, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO epidemiologist and technical lead on Covid-19, stated that the pandemic is far from finished and that subsequent varieties would be more aggressive than Omicron is currently.

“The next worrisome variant will be more fit, which means it will be more transmissible since it will have to outperform what is already circulating. The critical concern is whether future versions will be more severe or less so, “Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO epidemiology and technical lead on Covid-19 said.

She also cautioned against believing that the virus will continue to change into milder forms that cause fewer illnesses than previous strains.

There is, however, a silver lining. According to research done at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital Complex in South Africa, Covid-19 may be phased out shortly.

“Omicron may be a forerunner of the end of the epidemic phase of the Covid pandemic, ushering in its endemic phase,” the researchers speculated based on the findings.

On the other hand, these investigations are simply suggestive and dependent on the appearance of new variations.