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COVID-19: Germany is trying to find a cure for Coronavirus, will start clinical trials of vaccine on humans.

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The government of Germany has approved the first clinical trial of a vaccine for the prevention of Novel Coronavirus. The country’s regulatory agency confirmed this on Wednesday, saying that the vaccine has been approved for testing on humans. It is noteworthy that research is going on worldwide for the prevention of coronavirus and work is going on to make the vaccine.

The RNA vaccine is produced by the German company Biotech and the American company Pfizer. It will be tested on those who have volunteered for a vaccine trial. The regulatory body issued the statement, ‘The Paul Erlich-Institute has approved the first clinical trial of a vaccine designed by Germany to prevent Kovid 19’. The institution said that the vaccine has been approved after carefully assessing the potential damage and benefits to Volunteer’s body.

There is currently no effective drug to stop the deadly coronavirus. At the same time, the competition for the vaccine started in the US and China. China has conducted a clinical trial of a possible corona vaccine for the second time. Scientists say that China has probably taken an early lead in the manufacture of the vaccine. The reason for this is that he has been mapping the genome sequence of the novel coronavirus and that is because the virus case came in the most worn Chinese city of Wuhan. China has since shared the genome sequence with the WHO, USA, and other countries.