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Courier companies do not send overseas consignment of Tricolor, NRI can not be hoist flag made in India!

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Today is the anniversary of the country’s independence. Indians who live in the world celebrate this day with pompousness. Although NRIs will not be able to hoist the tricolor in India, even if they have ordered it for weeks before. It is more likely that they flutter the tricolor in China. In fact, courier companies do not want to send tricolor out of India.

However, in India, the people of the tricolor have more to say. Knowledge Shah, owner of The Flag Corporation, who created the flag in Mumbai, said, “No foreign courier company has agreed to take the tricolor. They do not even tell the reason. ‘

Courier companies are avoiding saying anything on this record. A spokesman for UPS said, “The rules related to exporting certain items are strict.” However, off-record records of people aware of this case say that the courier companies do not want to send the tricolor out of the country because they think this is a ‘restricted item’.

Another person said that one way of dealing with this is by sending the consignment of ‘Tricolor’ to the Indian manufacturer as ‘Sample Fabric’.

Congress leader and lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi, who gave arguments in the National Flag case for Naveen Jindal in the Supreme Court, told ET that there should be no restriction on the export of the Tricolor. He said, ‘There is no restriction on carrying out the national flag from India. Courier companies should be careful when carrying tricolor. It should not be insulted. It should not be taken in a poor condition. ‘

Whatever the reason, due to the reluctance of the courier companies, Flag manufacturers have to cancel orders from Indians living in the US, Canada and Europe. Shah said, “Most of them NRIs have to carry Indian flags made in China, which are sold at the departmental stores and sports goods shops in the country.”

Amarjit Singh of The Flag Company said, “International couriers have not accepted parcels of our Tricolor. They did not even mention the reason. ‘

The good news for flag makers is that even if the door of the global market is closed, the domestic market is out there. Knowledge Branch’s flag corporation makes more than 20000 flags of different sizes each year. Karnataka Khadi Gramodyog Joint Union makes more than 1.5 crore flags each year.