Couple, who was having sex in the train, did not stop even after becoming a video.


London, Travelers at caterham station were surprised when a couple saw sex in the train. The train was stopped at the station. More surprising was that this couple had the information that many people were watching them but both of them did not care about anyone and people continued to make their video of this act.

According to the news of ‘Metro UK’, in the footage it can be seen that this couple is doing sex with the window of the train and making the video, people standing at the station are laughing at them as well as laughing.

One place in the video has been seen that a black haired woman is having sex with her partner. This video has been shared thousands of times on Whatsapp.

The British Transport Police spokesman told Metro UK: “We have information that in this day the video of the sex-men’s sex act is being circulated online.” However, the investigation is going on in the matter so far and no arrest has been done at this time.