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Couple did the kiss in the car, police arrested.

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Islamabad, In Pakistan, a young couple has been arrested on charges of getting kissing and hugging in the car. The 18-19 year old couple has been arrested for ‘obscene behavior’ and now they can be sentenced to 3 months’ jail, fines or both.

According to the news of The Express Tribune, the investigation officer Zulfikar Ahmed told that the police received a complaint about it on Sunday. It was said in the complaint that a couple is doing the inside of a parked car park in the city center of Islamabad and is hugging.

Ahmed also claimed that when the police arrived there, the couple was busy in getting to know what to do and hug. The couple was taken to Karachi Company Police Station in Islamabad, where they found Bell later.

According to the Express Tribune report, young couples who are traveling in Pakistan’s parks and shopping centers are often blackmailed by police officers. From these, money is covered up. Many officers have also filed a case in this case.