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Could Microsoft buy TikTok in US? But Trump wants to ban Chinese apps.

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The year 2020 was not good for the popular video-sharing app TikTok. Due to the Chinese connection, successive countries are banning TikTok and for the company, it is no less than a disaster. In India, the second-largest market after China, this app was banned in late June. Now countries like the US and Japan are also going to do this. The app’s condition has deteriorated due to the loss of large userbase.

The Tiktok app has also been accused of sending users’ data abroad without their permission and storing it in external servers. Several countries including South Korea have also imposed a fine of crores of rupees on the app following data-related complaints. Also, the Chinese identity of the app is proving to be harmful to it. In such a situation, the only option left to remain between the users is to break the relationship with China completely.

Fear of ban in America
The company has been repeatedly clarifying that its staff is from the US and that users’ data will never be shared with the Chinese government. Actually, Tiktok’s parent company is ByteDance Chinese and after India, the company will not want to bear the risk of losing the US userbase. President Trump of America himself has spoken of banning this app and to avoid this, the Tiktok app now wants to be sold.

Tiktok can be sold to Microsoft
A report by The New York Times stated that Tiktok would have to be sold in the US to escape the ban and protect himself. The video-sharing service wants Microsoft to buy it and is also moving in this direction. Tiktok CEO Kevin Mayer has recently said that Tiktok is being made a new target but we are not enemies. The app seems to have conceded defeat and sold it to protect itself.