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Corruption Charges: Returning to Pakistan was the only way Nawaz Sharif, Mary’s ‘The Last Path’.

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Islamabad, The arrest of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Mary has been arrested in the case of corruption. Both have been convicted in the case of corruption. Father and daughter were arrested from Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore and brought to Rawalpindi late on Friday night. Political analysts are looking like a bet on their return.

Mariam and Nawaz Sharif could have lived a secured life outside the country like other Pakistani leaders, but both decided to return to the countryside. After all, what was it that Nawaz and his daughter assumed the country’s return as their ‘last resort’. Political analysts say that both have the intention to take advantage of such politics.

The bet of arrest before the general election
Elections will be held in Pakistan on July 25 of this month. This can be a decisive moment in the political career of Mary and Nawaz. With his return, the party workers are in excitement and getting local control governing them is proving to be very difficult. The aggressive election campaign for the party could not have been the top leaders living abroad. Their return is important in this regard.

Will sympathy vote like Benazir?
Sharif could not have been a good way to return to his native to answer the corruption of the Opposition and the allegations of buying property in London. Going to jail, the Sharif family is showing signs of standing firm against the military power. After the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in 2008, a wave of sympathy came to Pakistan and its party benefited from it in the elections. Sharif and Mary are also hoping that such a thing could happen to them as well.

Nawaz trusts, ‘weak allegations against him’
One reason for the return of Nawaz Sharif’s return is that he is convinced that the charges against him are not very serious. They also expect that if examined in a fair way, then maybe they may be a good one. However, 128 people have died in the incidents of violence in Pakistan even before the elections. On the other hand, in Balochistan, one of the most difficult areas of Pakistan, 69 people have been killed.