Coronavirus: Wearing a dirty mask increases the risk of corona infection

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Coronavirus: The threat of coronavirus has resumed its rise in intensity once more. Doctors believe that wearing a mask is the most effective treatment. Some people, on the other hand, wear cloth masks over and over again and refuse to take them off even after they become dirty. The use of a mask-like this increases the likelihood of contracting black fungus as well as other diseases.
Avoid wearing the same mask for an extended period. Patients who have a low level of immunity must exercise greater caution.

The use of dirty cloth masks regularly and for an extended period can increase the risk of developing mucormycosis.
Wear a surgical mask underneath a cloth mask if necessary, or a clean cloth mask if it is not.
If you are wearing a cloth mask that has been washed numerous times, you should put a surgical mask underneath it and change that mask as well every six to eight hours.
The best protection is provided by an N95 mask.