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Coronavirus Vaccine Treatment: US company Regeneron started anti-body trials on humans.

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The trial has begun on humans in the United States to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection and subsequent treatment. The drugmaker Regeneron Pharmaceuticals has said that trials have been started from Wednesday. This is the first anti-drug drug trial in humans in the US. If this trial is successful, then this medicine will be available from September to November.

Test on four different types of people
Regeneron has said that the antibodies will be tested on four different types of people. COVID-19 because of people hospitalized, people who have symptoms of the disease but are not hospitalized, people who are healthy but in danger of getting sick, and people who are in close contact with a sick person Are in George Yenkopulus, Regeneron’s co-founder, president, and chief scientific officer, said, “We have prepared a unique anti-viral anti-cocktail cocktail that has the ability to prevent and treat infections, as well as prevent the virus from spreading.” Important in times of global pandemics. ‘

Elderly, health workers hope to help
Scientists at Regeneron have used two antibodies in one drug and are expected to be able to treat symptoms of the disease and rescue groups such as the elderly or health care workers. In the first part of this trial, it will be seen whether therapy is safe for use on humans. It will then be seen whether it is capable of treatment and prevention.

The antibody is being made from cows
SAb Biotherapeutics, a US-based biotech company, has been successful in developing antibodies in cows that can be effective against SARS-CoV-2. The special thing is that these are not common cows but they are genetically modified. The company is now preparing to conduct a clinical trial of this method. The company claims that a cow can make so many antibodies every month that it can treat hundreds of people. It has also been reported to be four times better than plasma treatment.