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Coronavirus vaccine: Super immunity found in people who became corona positive after applying vaccine

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There is excellent news for those who have been victims of coronavirus infection even after applying the coronavirus vaccine. A new study has found that people who have been infected with the coronavirus, even after taking the vaccine, have got ‘super immunity’ inside their bodies. Even after getting the vaccine, optimistic people get super immunity, which is excellent news.

Super immunity found in patients

This study has been done in a small group at Oregon Health and Science University in America. Scientists are surprised to see the results. According to the report, this test was done on 26 people, and during the study, it was found that even after taking the vaccine, those who have become positive have increased antibodies by more than 2000 percent. The people on whom this test has been done had never had a coronavirus infection before taking the vaccine. They were infected after taking the vaccine. It was found in the test that, in this case, the amount of antibodies in people has increased 1000 to 2 thousand percent.

Abundant antibodies in the body

Fikadu Tafese, Professor of Molecular Biology at Oregon Health and Science University and who carried out this study, said that ‘In the study, we have seen that the level of antibodies has increased significantly in these people and its percentage is between one thousand and two thousand. And we have found in the study that this amount of antibodies is very high. Professor Fikadu Tafesse has called this amount of antibodies “super immunity.” Talking to Daily Mail, Professor Fikadu Tafese said that, ‘It is almost a super city’. This research of American scientists has come to the fore at a time when the Omicron variant is spreading very fast all over the world. Most of the vaccines against Omicron are succumbing.

Omicron Variants and Super Immunity

At this time, when the Omicron variant has spread in more than 80 countries of the world. More cases are being reported in countries like the US and UK, this research is going to be very beneficial. Because people who have taken both doses of the vaccine are coming in the grip of Omicron variants. Meanwhile, a Columbia University study found that patients who got a booster shot from Pfizer or Moderna had 6.5 times fewer antibodies to inhibit Omicron than the original virus, meaning that even the booster shot alone could not stop Omicron.

The vaccine will save lives

Professor Fikadu Tafese, while talking to USA Today, said, “The most important thing that has come out in the study is that only vaccine can save your life and give maximum protection against coronavirus.” He warned the American people that, ‘This does not mean that a person who has taken the vaccine deliberately tries to get corona infected, so that super immunity develops inside him because you have no idea how dangerous this virus is.

Antibodies at different levels

Various research has found that once infected with the coronavirus or taking a single dose of the Covid 19 vaccine. It is pretty effective against the coronavirus. At the same time, Dr Monica Gandhi, a professor at the University of California in San Francisco, said that “This study shows that, after being infected with the corona just once or after taking a dose of the vaccine, nobody produces as many antibodies.” The antibody was produced after being Covid positive after taking a single dose vaccine.

Different effects of the virus
Dr Monica Gandhi warns that it does not mean that someone should try to get infected without getting the vaccine because you can never guess what effect the vaccine will show on you and what you will do. The level may become ill. He said, ‘Whatever we are saying, we know it happens. If you contact the virus, you will have this fantastic immune response. The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, which is the most used in America, was up to 87 percent effective in March. While in September, this vaccine was only 43 percent effective. A booster dose of the vaccine is being given.