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Coronavirus: The recovery rate of patients in 5 metro cities is the lowest, the central government’s concern increased.

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The 5 metro cities of the country like Mumbai, Indore, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Jaipur have low recovery rates and high rates of coronavirus-infected patients, which has become a major problem for the central government. The number of cases of corona infection and patients dying of the virus is continuously increasing in these areas.

These metros have almost doubled the number of Containment Zone in the last 10 days to prevent the virus and start testing on a war footing. However, there is not enough facility to test in many places.

National recovery rate exceeds 19%
According to central government data, the recovery rate at the national level is over 19%, but the recovery rate of corona patients in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Indore, and Jaipur is low. The recovery rate in Jaipur and Indore is less than 8% while Ahmedabad is 10%. At the same time, the recovery rate in Mumbai is 13% with the highest number of infections and it is also at the forefront of the number of patients dying of the metropolitan virus. The best performance, in this case, is from Delhi where the recovery rate is 28%. Death rates in Pune, Indore, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai are higher than the national average.

Instructions to focus on the Containment Zone
A senior government official said, “Higher mortality in a city and a lower rate of recovery may mean that late detection of infected patients is occurring there.” This causes the infection to reach a critical stage. As a result, the patient takes more time to recover or he dies. He said, “States have been instructed to pay more attention to the containment zone and identify the infected patients by aggressively testing people for rapid antibody tests. This will help reduce the virus outbreak.

Complete Pune Containment Zone declared
Indore has doubled the number of containment zones to more than 170 in the last ten days. Jaipur has identified 30 clusters for containment in the most affected Ramganj area from where 497 out of a total of 723 cases of Jaipur have come. Ahmedabad has identified 130 such clusters. The entire Pune city has been declared as a Containment Zone. At the same time, the number of such zones in Delhi increased to 87 by 21 April, which was limited to 43 by 12 April.

Lockdown can be removed after May 3
Another senior government official said that efforts are being made to reduce the number of active corona cases as much as possible by May 3 by increasing the number of containment zones and testing. After May 3, Lockdown can be removed in these 6 metros in a phased manner, but will not be completely relaxed. Officials said, ‘This is the reason why large scale testing is being done in all these metros. There have been more than 15,000 tests in Ahmedabad while Delhi has conducted around 24,000 tests. According to the central government, Mumbai has done more than 50,000 tests, the highest among the six metros.