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Coronavirus Pandemic: IT Professionals working in the world’s big IT companies have become unemployed. IT professionals ahead of job seekers.

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The Coronavirus Pandemic has had a severe impact on employment. Millions of people lost jobs in the organized sector in India. The list of retrenchment companies includes IT companies like IBM, Cognizant. After leaving the job, these people are now wandering in search of employment. In the last three weeks, several thousand IT Professionals (IT Professionals) have approached recruitment agencies. These IT professionals are from junior level to senior level.

Resume flow accelerates in the last two weeks
Ratan Gupta, senior director of ABC Consultants, said that in the last two weeks, there has been a 100 percent jump in resume flow. IT companies are increasingly adapting themselves to the changing environment and environment. Those who lack skills, their jobs are in danger.

Corona accelerates automation
The specialist staffing firm says that the flow of the resume of senior tech professionals has increased by 40%. All the world’s IT companies have been moving towards Automation in the last few years, but due to Corona, this process has become faster. The process of layoffs from IT companies will continue until they feel that cost-management measures have become accurate.

Demand for new technology talent increased
On the one hand, there is a retrenchment in the IT sector, on the other hand, the demand for new technology talent is increasing rapidly. Their demand for a lockdown has increased by 20 percent. NASSCOM Senior Vice President Sangeeta Gupta says that there will always be a demand for people who are digitally skilled and will increase in the coming time. Companies will continue to invest to make their employees more efficient.