Coronavirus is getting weaker as the infection increases!

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The world has not yet got rid of the Covid-19 pandemic. Where the third wave of Covid has come in many countries. At the same time, a third wave is being feared in India. During this, a lot of emphases is being given on vaccination (Covid-19 Vaccination). Preparations for giving the vaccine to children are in full swing. Meanwhile, experts say that the coronavirus infection will eventually turn into a disease that will have a mild effect like the common cold. Experts say that its fear will end like a cold.

Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert and Sir John Bell both say that more dangerous variants of the coronavirus will no longer come. Sir John Bell, Professor of Medicine at Oxford University, says that the virus will resemble the common cold by spring (February-March) next year because people’s immunity will increase greatly while battling the vaccine and the virus.

‘Things will be fine soon’
John Bell says that the situation in the UK has become more than worse and the situation should improve after the winter is over. He said that people are constantly facing the virus even after getting the vaccine. Meanwhile, Moderna’s chief executive, Stephen Bensel, has also said that the Covid epidemic will end within a year, as the supply of the vaccine is increasing globally.

Circumstances are changing
Earlier, Professor Gilbert had said that the virus is getting weaker as it spreads. Commenting on this, Sir John said that with the kind of trends we are seeing, we can be better in the next six months. So the pressure is less. Covid deaths are happening very much only of the elderly. It is also not clear that these deaths are definitely due to Covid.

Hope for strong herd immunity
John says that this is why he feels that now the worst situation is over. He said, ‘I think it will happen now that the delta variant has also got a lot of exposure. Infection numbers are high, but people who have got two vaccines and got infected will lead to stronger herd immunity.

Will it no longer create a mutation?
Sir John agreed and said that by next spring (February-March) things would be like this. We will have to wait for the end of winter, but things will be good. Sara has also suggested that Covid will now cause debilitating disease and there should be no fear of new lethal variants. The coronavirus is not likely to mutate further.

‘No reason for new variants to be born’
Sara believes that the virus is unlikely to produce mutations that escape the vaccine, as the virus no longer has much room to spread. We see that the virus spreads less when it spreads easily. That is why now there does not seem to be any reason for the new variants of SARS Cove-2 to appear. The point now is to deal with it when and till it reaches that position.

Earlier, England’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Witty had said that all children who have not been vaccinated will get corona infection because the virus will continue to spread due to weakening immunity. But Sara says that the Covid-19 disease will become mild. There is a slow genetic variation in the virus, gradually people are developing immunity, as was the case with all seasonal coronaviruses.