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Corona’s havoc: Found to be infected with the Coronavirus only 30 hours after birth.

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An infant was found infected with the coronavirus only 30 hours after birth in Wuhan, China. China’s official media gave this information on Wednesday. This newborn is the youngest infected patient yet. So far, about 500 people have died in China from this infection. Experts say that it may be a case of vertical transmission in which the infection spreads from an infected mother to the child during pregnancy or after birth.

The infection was confirmed in the mother’s investigative report before giving birth to the child. China’s official news agency Xinhua reported on Monday, according to which the investigation report of a child born to an infected mother was found negative last week. It is believed that this infection has started spreading from the Wuhan city market the last December. Wild animals are sold in that market.

The transition spread rapidly from China to other places on New Year’s Eve. China’s National Health Commission said on Tuesday that the oldest person infected with the virus was 90 years old. According to reports, 80 percent of patients who died of infection were over 60 years of age.