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Corona Vaccine: With a worldwide shortage of syringes for the corona vaccine, the vaccination program is expected to be affected

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Corona Vaccine: The World Health Organization has warned of a shortage of billions of syringes worldwide. Billions of syringes are currently needed to vaccinate the coronavirus and vaccinate children. The World Health Organization says a lack of 1 to 2 billion syringes needed for COVID-19 vaccination in 2022 could affect even routine immunization and undermine needle safety.

Vaccines are being administered against Covid-19 in developed, developing, and poor countries. Many countries are planning to give vaccine boosters to those already receiving the vaccine. This large-scale vaccination program would require about two billion or more syringes. Along with vaccine makers, syringe companies are also making huge profits.

Lack of syringes for corona vaccine
The WHO says the United Nations will need about two billion syringes by 2022, and the global shortage is likely to increase. According to WHO, worldwide immunization and routine immunization programs could be affected in the event of a shortage.

According to experts, the trend of increasing the prices of syringes has already started in many countries. In recent months, it has been observed that the costs of high-demand drugs skyrocketed during the days of severe corona pandemic in countries like India and Pakistan.
WHO expert Lisa Heidman says that national health organizations in various countries need to take precautionary measures now to prevent a compromise between vaccination and saving lives. According to Heidman, this is an essential but small tool for the safety of the people.

Lisa Heidman said that the shortage of syringes is increasing worldwide, and if this happens, it will undoubtedly create an alarming situation.

Lack of syringes will affect children

Heidman says a potential shortage of syringes will affect children the most as their vaccinations will be suspended. If such a situation prevails, it will create disturbing conditions for the children of poor and underdeveloped countries, and many lives will be put at risk.

The United Nations Children’s Fund also said it would store millions of syringes in its warehouses to reduce the impact on children’s vaccination programs. A few months ago, the United Nations announced that more than 1 billion syringes would be needed by 2021 to be immunized against a new version of the coronavirus.