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Corona cases world list: India surpassed the countries Spain and the UK in one day. India reached the fourth number.

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India on Thursday overtook two countries – Spain and the UK – in terms of the corona virus-infected population. In this way, India has become the fourth largest country in the world among the countries most infected by Corona. As of Thursday evening, 9,846 new cases were reported in India, taking the total cases to 2,97,001. In this way, India overtook both Spain and the UK in a short span of time. A total of 2,89,360 cases have been reported in Spain while 2,91,409 corona cases have been reported in the UK. At the same time, 214 Covid-19 patients also died in India till Thursday evening.

According to the latest data, in the case of Corona case, only America, Brazil, and Russia are left above India. There are currently 20,70,961 cases in the US, 7,75,581 cases in Brazil, and 5,02,436 cases in Russia. In these countries, Russia has the highest number of new cases after India by Thursday evening. Russia has received 8,779 new cases while the US is third with 4,560 new Covid-19 patients, UK fourth with 1266 new cases and Brazil with just 397 new patients is at number four in the top 5 countries list.

Comparison in terms of population is not good
However, one thing is worth noting that this type of comparison of India with other countries of the world is not logical as most of the countries are very small in terms of population of India. For example, the population of Spain and the UK which India overtook on Thursday, is close to 4.70 crores and 6.80 crores respectively. Above that, Russia has a population of about 14.60 crore.

At the same time, Brazil, which is second in the list, has a population of 212 million, while the topper America has a little more than 33 crore. At the same time, India’s population is about 138 crores. That is, merge the three countries above India, the total population is about 59 crores. Add to this the population of about 50 million of Spain and about 7 million of the UK, it is still only 81 crore, which is about 57 million less than India.

India topped both recovery rate and low death rate
Not only this, but India is also in the best position compared to any country in the world in terms of recovery rate and mortality rate of Covid-19 patients. The recovery rate of Covid-19 patients in India has risen to 49.21% while the death rate is below 1%.

How many deaths per 10 in the world
There are 6,259 patients in the US, 6,189 in Spain, 4,294 in the UK, 3,650 in Brazil, 3,443 in Russia, per 1 million population. At the same time, in India, only 215 people per 10 lakh population have become infected with corona infection. Similarly, in the case of the death rate of Covid-19 patients, in this case, also India’s condition is very good not only from these countries but worldwide. Statistics show that 608 people per 1 million population in the UK have died of Covid-19, while 580 in Spain, 348 in America, 187 in Brazil, 45 in Russia, whereas in India only 6 people died of COVID. is. Worldwide, the average for patients per 10 population is 964 while the average for deaths is 53.9. That is, India is far below the global average in both cases, which is good news.

How many patients so far worldwide, how many deaths
So far, 75,14,815 corona cases have been reported worldwide. As of Thursday evening, 67,664 new cases were reported worldwide. At the same time, the Covid-19 epidemic has so far killed 4,20,316 people. As of Thursday evening, 2,181 people lost their lives. At present, there are 32,83,793 Covid-19 patients in the world while 38,10,706 patients have recovered after treatment.