COPD cases are increasing rapidly due to polluted air

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COPD cases: People begin to fall unwell when the pollution level in the air rises with the arrival of winter each year. During this time of the corona, a lung infection can be lethal. The country is currently besieged by diseases coming from all directions. Colds and flu are frequent in cold weather. But pollution and coronaviruses also target the lungs, challenging them to keep healthy.

A growing number of doctors and pulmonologists believe that people who have never smoked are suddenly developing COPD. In the last two or three years, he claims, there have been a lot of these occurrences. According to the doctor, even if a person does not smoke, they can develop COPD if they reside in an area polluted by biomass fuel or industry. There is a problem, however, not just with the current patients. Due to long-term exposure to pollutants, the prevalence of COPD has increased.

What is COPD?

If you have COPD, you’ll have shortness of breath and, in some cases, death. Smoking and air pollution make this disease more severe and potentially prevent its cure. This condition can be exacerbated by long-term exposure to air pollution. The condition is hazardous for young children living in densely populated cities like Delhi, where air pollution levels are alarmingly high throughout the year.


  • Anxiolysis
  • bronchial infections
  • coronary artery disease
  • Cancer of the lungs

Signs and symptoms of COPD

  • Inhalation issue
  • Cough
  • Colds and flu
  • Compression in the lower abdomen
  • Weight class occurrence
  • Severe pain in the lower extremities

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