Donald Trump,Bashar Assad,Angela Merkel

Conversation between Syria and Trump between Merkel.

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Berlin, The situation in Syria has worsened once the violence has increased. It is reported that this violence has increased after the air strikes of the Syrian government and its allies in East Ghouta, occupied by rebels. The Syrian civilians have also been killed in these attacks. According to a volunteer group, White Helmet, 674 civilians have died due to the violence in the past 12 days. Meanwhile, talks between US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have led to the situation in Syria.

On Friday Merkel’s office said, “Merkel and Trump had a talk on Thursday. During this interaction, the two leaders agreed that the Syrian government, its allies, Russia and Iran should be committed to the United Nations Security Council’s decision-maker’s decision to resign. In addition, the German Chancellor’s Office said, “Trump and Merkel agree that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should be held responsible for the use of chemical weapons, civilian attacks and human interference.”

According to Merkel’s office, Merkel and Trump expressed concern over Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement of new Weapon System on Thursday. Both leaders believe that Putin’s move will have negative impact on international efforts to control arms. Significantly, on Thursday, Putin claimed that Russia had made nuclear weapons that could be capable of dodging any missile defense system.