Controversy before Ivanka’s India tour, 4 out of the reasons for the resentment in the US.

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Hyderabad The Global Entrepreneurship Summit is going to start in India from Tuesday. This is in discussion for two reasons. First- Ivanka Trump, daughter of US President Donald Trump, is going to participate in this summit. Second- Prime Minister Narendra Modi will organize this summit. At the same time, they will have dinner with 100 selective entrepreneurs including Ivanka. There has also been controversy in the US about this visit to Ivanka. The news of the collision between the White House and the State Department is coming from his visit. Know why there is an outrage in the US about the visit of Iowa …

Who are the Ivanka Trump?
– 36-year-old is the daughter of Donald and Ivana Trump. He handles his father’s business. He is a Graduate from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2009, he married Jared Kushanar. They have one daughter and two sons.
He is Executive Vice President in Trump Organization. There are also co-founders of Trump Hotels. Ivanka is also Senior Advisor of Donald Trump from March last.
– In 2007, Ivanka launched the Jewelery Collection. In 2011, the Icona Trump started the retail fashion line itself. Under this, products such as shoes, handbags, apparel, accessories, jewelery, fragrance are sold on online and retail stores.
Why is Ivanka trump coming to India?
– Global Entrepreneurship Summit is being held in Hyderabad between November 28th and 30th. In this, 2000 delegates, including 1500 entrepreneurs, are participating. Its theme is ‘Woman First and Prosperity for All’.
– Ivanka Trump is participating in this event as Women Entrepreneur. On his advice, President Trump had announced to give $ 50 million in aid to the World Bank Fund for Women Entrepreneurs.
– ivanka 2014 is running ‘Woman Who Work’ Campaign In 2017, he wrote the Self Help Book ‘Woman Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success’ on this theme. In this book he wrote, “I am a real estate developer and entrepreneur. I build iconic properties around the world. I am also pursuing a business which inspires and empowers women.

Controversy on the India tour of Ivanka for four reasons:
1) External Affairs Minister did not get the chance
In 2010, this summit was started by Barack Obama. Wherever this global summit took place, the US delegation led by the Foreign Minister or the President was the only one. Barack Obama as the President and John Kerry took part in this summit as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. This time it is not going to happen.
2) High level delegation not even sent if not found
– In this summit, US delegation led by Foreign Minister Rakes Tillarsan is not doing trumpet. This is the second such event after becoming President of Trump in which Ivanka is representing the US. Earlier, he had a representation to the US at a Woman Summit of the G-20. The angry Tillerson is not sending a single highvalle diploma with Ivanka.
– According to CNN, the conflict between the White House and the State Department has come out open due to the ewanka. State Department does not want to send any Senior Diploma with Evanah. Because Ivanka’s global image will be strong on doing so.
It is also believed that External Affairs Minister Tillerson feels that during the 10 months of Trump’s administration, Ivanka and his Husband Jared Kusharar appear to dominate them in every respect.
3) Silence of Iwanka on women’s affairs
According to the CNN report, the eunuch is going to represent the US in the summit held on the theme of women, but her silence raises many issues related to women. Trump is being supported by the Senate candidate Roy Moore accused of sexual harassment from four women, while Iwaaka is not saying anything on this.
According to the news coming in the US media, the importance of women’s health and their rights in the trump policies is continuously decreasing, but Ivanka does not say anything on this. On the other hand, being Trump’s daughter being sent to Ianka in the Global Summit, the message is going on in the world that the White House is just surrounded by brother-nepotism in the Trump Administration.
4) The silence of ewaka on garment workers
– The Washington Post wrote in one of his articles that India is going to keep its point on the issue of women, but will they say something about the Indian garment workers who help them in their fashion line?
– The newspaper wrote, “The Washington Post has found the clothing labels and shipping records used in the brand of Ianka Trump. We came to know that these products come from China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. It is difficult to say which Indian factories make garments for the brand of the Ivanka trump. But the brand of Ivanka sells clothing made in India at department stores such as Lord & Teller. Will Iwaka say something about women working in India’s Garment Industry? ‘
Why is this summit important for women?
– 52.5% stake in the summit will be of women. There will be women in delegation of 10 countries including Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Israel.
– 31.5% of those participating in this summit are 30 years of age or below. The youngest of the enterprinuyor is 13 years old and the oldest entrepreneur is 84 years old.
What will happen on the first day?
Narendra Modi will organize Global Entrepreneurship on Tuesday. It will be their speech in
– There will be a plenary session between 4 PM and 6 PM. This will include a penist Ivanka Trump. They will keep their point on the subject ‘Women Entrepreneurial Leadership’.
– Moderator Cisco Chairman John Chambers will make this session. Nirmala Sitharaman along with Ivanka will also be penalist in this session.
Modi will meet 20 minutes with Ivanka
– Before the plenary session in the summit, there will be a meeting between Modi-Ivanka. For this, the time between 3:25 and 3:55 in the evening is fixed. In the evening, Modi and Ianka will dinner with Fukanuma Hotel with other guests.