Modi govt,Mob lynching,changes in ipc

Consider the amendment in the IPC to deal with the rising incidents of Mob Lynching.

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New Delhi, The Central Government can amend the Indian Penal Code (IPC) to define ‘killing by mob’ (Moblynching) as a punishable offense. A senior government official gave this information. The official said that the option to draft a model law is also being considered, which the state governments can adopt to prevent mob lynching. He said, “Everything is in the early stages, because the Center needs to examine the entire order of the Supreme Court, asking the Center to make a new law.”

If there is amendment in the IPC, then the government will not need to make any law on mobs linking separately. The official said that if the responsibility for proving himself innocent is put on the accused then some sections of the CRPC and Indian Evidence Act also need to be amended. He said that the government may take several days to decide its position on this. The government can also make the framework associated with the social media in order to ensure the reinforcement of rumors that cause such incidents.

In recent months many cases have been reported from all over the country for being beaten and beaten by the crowd. The latest incident took place in Rajasthan where on Friday the suspect of cow smuggling killed a man and beat him. Condemning the rising incidents of mob assassination in India, the Supreme Court had told the government on Tuesday that it has made laws to deal with such cases. The bench chaired by Chief Justice Deepak Mishra had described the incident of mob assassination as a ‘horrific act of mobocracy’.