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Conservative thinking was ‘bye’ of Saudi Arabia, women’s ‘Welcome’ for the first time in the stadium.

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For the first time in Saudi Arabia, women enjoyed a football match while sitting in the stadium.
Behind its conservative thinking, Saudi Arabia is moving ahead with the idea of ​​change. While the year 2017 was transformative for women in Saudi Arabia, the beginning of 2018 also coincided with gender equality. For the first time in Saudi Arabia, women enjoyed a football match by sitting in the stadium. On Friday, the stadium doors opened for the first time in Jeddah for women who reached the football match between two local teams. However, the ‘family gallery’ was created separately for women to sit at King Abdullah Sports City Stadium. They entered the stadium with ‘Family Gate’ and enjoyed the match by sitting in ‘Family section’. The women looked very excited and they also took self-help. He also favored the support of his favorite team.

Female employees who were present for women’s reception

Women’s staff were deployed to welcome women at the Jeddah Stadium. Female fans and women employees wear traditional garment Abaya. For the first time, women went to the stadium and looked very excited to see the match. This decision of Saudi Arabia has been appreciated by the whole world.

Women will be seen on 13th and 18th of January

Let us know that on Friday, the Saudi Ministry of Information had told that the first football match women will see in the stadium will be between Al-Ahli and Al-Batin. After this, on January 13 and again on January 18, women will also be able to see the matches in the stadium. The first of these matches will be played in Riyadh, the second Jeddah and the third Dammam.

Changes in the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman

In October 2017, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman worked on ‘National Transformation Program 2020’ and ‘Vision 2030’. This is part of a series of social and economic changes in Mohammed bin Salman, which is a part of a series of socio-economic changes in Saudi Arabia in the 21st century to promote Saudi Arabia as a global leader.

The Saudi General Sports Authority said that it had made all the necessary preparations to create an attractive sports environment for families and to ensure their privacy. Saudi Arabia, which was the only country in the world, where women were barred from running cars. But last year women were allowed to drive.

View of Saudi Arabia changed for women

– Women of Saudi Arabia have been allowed to enter some stadiums in the country.
– Friday, the country’s first car showroom, dedicated to women customers only in Jeddah.
– According to the order issued in September last year, women will get permission to run the car for the first time from June this year.
– For the first time in the history of Saudi Arabia, girls will be allowed to participate in sports and get physical education.
– In this direction of social change, soon the holy city of Madina will be seen to operate women.