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After the communal riots, the Ministry of Law and Order was sacked from PM Vikram Raniling Singhe.

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Colombo, Despite the announcement of the Emergency in the country, the majority of Sinhala leaders in Kandi district, after the recent violence between Buddhists and minority Muslims, Presidential candidate, Sirisena, took away Prime Minister Ranil Vikramasinghe from the law and order ministry on Thursday. Senior member of Vikram Singh Sangha’s United National Party (UNP), Ranjit Madumah Bandara took oath as Law Minister of the country on Thursday morning.

The police comes under this ministry. Law Minister: Vikramsinghe’s 11-day tenure as the minister of law has been very difficult due to racial tension due to Monday’s release in Kandy district. The majority of the Sinhala crowd attacked the industries and religious places of Muslims, which led to the government’s announcement of the Emergency.

The government of Sri Lanka had shut down the Internet service on Wednesday and closed websites sending messages such as Whatsapp in the affected areas. It is worth mentioning that three people were killed in the violence in Kandy district. Candy has been relieved of curfew in the day on Thursday. In a statement, the Director General of the Government, Sudarshan Gunhardhan said in a statement: “After requesting to relax the curfew for the procurement of other essential works including the procurement of food and other items, President Maitripala Sirisena has ordered curfew from 10 am in Kandi district. Removal and decided to restore it at six in the evening.