Common style mistakes people make that should be avoided when appearing for an interview.

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“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” – Coco Chanel

Dressing up decently is extremely important. Your outfit itself says a lot about your personality. Especially when appearing for a dream job interview, you wouldn’t want your first impression to be bad, would you? So, imagine this hypothetical situation – you had been desperately looking for a job and have finally been set up an interview with the company that you had been eyeing for quite some time now, and to add a tad bit more, it also the job position you was hoping for. Sounds amazing, right?

Now imagine you go for that interview, thinking you’re perfectly dressed and everything set just perfectly to the T. Still, as soon as you enter, the interviewer looks at you weirdly and has a disapproving look on their face. Sounds familiar? So it looks like you’ve made a serious error in judgment and consequently, a very bad first impression. And believe it or not, it has got something to do with your outfit or style.

Don’t worry I got style hacks that can help you ace the interview. So here are some pitfalls you need to avoid.

• Avoid Shiny & Shimmery Fabrics
Whether you’re suiting up, or are keeping things simple, avoid shiny or shimmery fabrics at all costs. Keep it nice and subtle. Or you’re going to look like a clown during the interview.

• Go for classic & simple silhouettes that fit well
Again, go for something classic and simple. It’s better if you wear a suit, but you can opt for a basic set of linen trousers and shirts. If you’re planning to wear a suit, go for something contemporary. Keep your outfit simple and minimalistic.

• Avoid quirky ties
Keep it sweet and simple. Do not wear quirky themed ties. Go for a basic tie instead. It is safer that way. And no matter what, avoid those metallic hexagonal ties.

• Quirky pants too are a big NO
Avoid loud and zany prints. Go for something that is a little conservative. Striped suits and checked suits work great. If you’re skeptical about it, just go for solid colors. Mostly of a darker shade.

• Keep your accessories minimal
Carry just a few important stuff. Don’t go completely barren. A simple and basic watch always has the ability to make you stand out and marks you as a more sophisticated man. Women can carry a clutch or a tiny purse. If you use eyeglasses, pick a frame that sits well with the shape of your face and yet, has a contemporary vibe to it.

• Avoid quirky socks
Firstly, ensure that your socks do not stick out of the legs of your pants when you’re standing still and they’re visible just a little when you’re walking around or sitting. Secondly, do not wear colorful socks, especially neon. Checked and striped socks work well enough.

• Wear Oxfords or Loafers, avoid sneakers
Wear a pair of formal shoes – oxfords, brogues, loafers, or monkey straps. Never wear sneakers for an interview, unless of course, you’re interviewing for a role and at a place that requires you to be a sneakerhead. Also, most importantly, polish your shoes.

Now you’re all set to rock that interview!