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Comedian Rohan Joshi deactivates Twitter after receiving threats. Shares on Instagram.

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The entertainment industry after all is not as glamorous as it looks. Just like every other field, the entertainment industry has its misfits. Often ‘entertainers’ are targeted due to various controversies.

Recently, a video of female stand up comedian Agrima Joshua went viral. The comedian has cracked a joke with the premise being Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. She was then targeted, bullied, and was under constant fire by those offended. Apparently, she had “insulted” the great Maratha leader.

A YouTuber, Shubham Mishra interfered and posted a video on his YouTube channel, openly giving rape threats to the comedian. He also made many misogynistic comments and is now finally under arrest.

Agrima Joshua took to her social media and apologized for the video. She filmed herself apologizing to everyone who got offended by the video. However, this incident brought into light certain comments made by the AIB comedian, Rohan Joshi, also known as MojoRojo as his Instagram handle.

Rohan Joshi was attacked by many people on social media for his comments. Frustrated Rohan deactivated his Twitter account after receiving so much hate.

Things went out of hand when his family too started receiving threat calls. Apparently, his address and phone number had been leaked by someone and he had been facing a lot of issues due to this.

The comedian took to his social media account and posted a picture that read, “Going offline for a few days. Number and address have been leaked, so the last few days have been a circus of abuse, threat, 2 am phone calls and anxious spirals. I’m sorry if I offended anyone’s sentiments with my words and I apologize without any qualifications and reservations for any words I have spoken that have hurt someone’s religious sentiments. Please leave my family alone.” Rohan also turned off his comment section because of the raging netizens.