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Coal stock finishes in NTPC plant, electricity will be affected from Delhi to Bengal.

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The stock in coal mine supplied to the plant located in eastern India, with a capacity of 4,200 Mw of NTPC, is almost complete. With this, power supply in North India, including Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal, can be affected very soon. Due to disputes related to land acquisition, the extension of this mine is delayed. This led to a huge decline in the production of two important power plants located in the area. Besides, their stocks are also getting vacant. The central government is in touch with local administration to resolve this issue.

A senior executive of NTPC told ET: “Coal India supplies 55,000 tonnes of coal on an average, from Rajmahal Mines of Jharkhand. Now it has reduced to 40,000 tons. In the rainy days, it decreases to 20,00 tons. Due to this, deposits in the power plants are falling short.

In NTPC’s Farakka Thermal Power Plant, the stocks have come down to 4000 tonnes, which was 2.5 lakh tonnes, about two months ago. Stocks also declined to 45,000 tonnes in Kahalagao thermal power station, which was 5 lakh tonnes two months ago. For all these reasons, NTPC has been forced to reduce the generation level of its Farakka and Kahalgaon power plants to 60% and 80% respectively, which was earlier 90%. This matter has now reached the level of the Central Government and the Ministry is constantly monitoring the situation.

According to the executive of Coal India, existing stores of Rajmahal Mines have almost become empty and the expansion of the mines needs to be maintained to maintain the production level. Although two villages adjacent to the Rajmahal Mines- Land Acquisition in Bansbeeha and Tanshari have been transformed into a lengthy process.

The executive said, “Local administration issued notices for land acquisition two years ago. However, after a long interaction, the villagers have agreed to leave the ground in the last few months. Spread over 160 hectares, this area does not have much population. Yet most of the land in the area is stuck in the disputes, because about 40 to 50 people are claiming ownership rights for the same plot.

The executive further said that there are many plots where the state government is not able to identify its rightful owner, whose compensation amount has to be transferred. The efforts made by the state government were very slow, though the efforts of the central government have accelerated their efforts.

NTPC executive said, “If there is no rains in the palace, the Farakka plant will work 60% and the Kahalgaon plant will continue to work with the generation capacity of 80%, but if the supply from Coal India decreases further, then we have to close our units Or have to be forced to further reduce their abilities.