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Cleared the path of becoming the lifelong president of Xi Jinping, approving the constitution amendment

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The Parliament of China ended the two-term deadline for President and Vice-President on Sunday. After this, the way to become the lifetime president of current President Xi Jinping became clear. The parliament of China has eliminated the mandatory requirement of two terms with a two-thirds majority. The amendment proposed by the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) was considered to be approved by parliament.

Due to the support of party’s proposals, the Parliament of the National People’s Congress is often referred to as the rubber stamp parliament, with nearly three thousand members. Before the annual session of the Parliament, the CPC had proposed to remove the two-term limit for President and Vice President.

Given that like the Mao, after the threat of grabbing power by somebody indefinitely, reputable leader Deng had set a maximum limit for two maximum tenures i.e. for 10 years in power in China for President and Vice President. However, along with constitutional changes on Sunday, 64-year-old Xi became the lifelong Chinese president. Now his second term is going on, which will end in 2023.