Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree: When and where did the Christmas tree tradition begin?

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The world is getting ready for Christmas celebrations. Arrangements have been made to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ with great pomp. Christmas tree is delightfully decorated with stars and electric lights. Christmas trees are very important in this celebration. They are considered child Jesus. That is why it is beautifully decorated with colourful lights. Dozens of species of evergreen trees are used as Christmas trees.

This tradition began in Germany. This method began in 1510. Then the Germans decorated the trees with fruits at home. Those who call it the Paradise Tree. There is an argument that the German reformer Martin Luther started the process of decorating the tree.

This Christmas tree culture came to America in the 19th century. Immigrants from Germany followed this method in the superpower. America now has the largest number of Christmas trees in the world. Christmas trees are now closing all over the world.

Statistics show that there are currently over 35 million Christmas trees growing in gardens in America. Plants are grown in 15,000 gardens. It is providing employment to almost one lakh people. About 98% of Christmas trees grow in gardens. Buy them during the festival and decorate the houses. Only 2 per cent grow them near home.

Nordman trees are mostly used as a Christmas tree. This species is mostly in use in Europe and America.

Christmas Tree decoration history

Christmas trees were originally decorated with candles. In 1882, however, Edward Johnson, assistant to Thomas Alva Edison, inventor of the electric bulb, proposed decorating with electric lights. Christmas lights have also been produced in large numbers since then. The market of these trees expanded greatly in the 1900s.

The Christmas tree takes about 15 years to grow to a height of six to seven feet. Some of these trees grow in four years. Overall, it takes an average of 7 years for Christmas trees to grow, according to the American National Christmas Tree Association.

The tradition began in 1889 in the White House, the official building of the United States. However, the first Christmas tree lighting event was held in 1923.