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Christmas celebrated in Mosul, the capital of Islamic State in past.

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For the first time since Christmas in Mosul, the Christmas festival has been celebrated.

Mosul has been in the possession of the alleged Islamic State Extremists for years and government forces have succeeded in occupying this city in recent days.

In the reign of IS, there was a ban on the religious activities of Christians and many Christians left the city for fear of persecution.

During the rule of the jihadis in Mosul St. Paul’s Church was badly damaged. The Islamic State destroyed the homes of Christian people in the city.

On Christmas Eve, the late religious leader of the Caldian Catholic Church of Iraq, Louise Rafael Saako, hoped that those Christians would return to their homes.

Located in the district of Al Muhansin in the west of Mosul, this church has been rebuilt. The clergy consider it nothing less than a miracle.

Dharmaguru Sako says, “It is a miracle.” Those who created the church were Muslims, young Muslims of the same city but on this occasion the Church is full of both Muslims and Christians and pray together for peace. There were also Muslim monks present here. ”

After prayer, the religious teacher asked people to pray for peace in Mosul and the world.

They said, “Our message is a message of peace.” Christ was the messenger of peace on earth, and this peace requires the Christian, the Muslim and every human being.Life without peace is possible, our message is that whatever has happened, After that, we should pray for peace with heart. ”

A citizen involved in the prayer said that it is our answer to the Islamic State Group that together they gathered together to celebrate the birthday of Christ.

After going to the Islamic estate, the city’s life is returning to its tracks again.

The rebuilding of the city is a challenge, but despite all this, Christmas brings a new hope for the residents here.