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‘Choked’ is trending on Netflix. Here’s why people are recommending ‘Choked’.

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The much-awaited, Anurag Kashyap’s directorial Choked, realized on Netflix recently. Just like all other films of Anurag Kashyap, this one is also not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s definitely worth watching.

The storyline of the film talks about the woes of a common man. The story is not just about demonization but also revolves around various other problems faced by middle-class society. The script of the film is basically about a working-class family who is struggling to make ends meet. So here are 5 reasons why the audience loved the film –

• Top-Notch Acting

The lead characters played by Saiyammi Kher and Roshan Mathew have done a brilliant job. People are appreciating their acting in the film and are also finding it very entertaining at the same time.

• Amazing direction

Anurag Kashyap is a very renowned director. Most of the people found the film brilliantly directed. Some of the audience also said that this is one of Anurag Kashyap’s best directorial ventures.

• Interesting satire on demonetization

The audience found the film interesting. They said that they found the comic timing and the satire in the film put across in an interesting way which is relatable to the audience on another level.

• Realistic content

Like I said before, people found the film relatable. The story of the film is realistic and so people are liking it more as they can relate to the script of the film on multiple levels. The story is what makes the film what it is.

• Highlights the problems of middle-class society

The best part about this film is that it sheds light on the problems faced by the common man. The story brings out the woes of a middle-class man and is written in a way that keeps the audience hooked to their screens.

However, a few people are also a little disappointed with the film as they think that the script of the story lacks depth. Anyway, tomorrow is Saturday, and ‘choked’ is a great weekend watch, so go ahead and watch it only on Netflix!