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Chinese ship, seen in North Korea, raised the issue in the United States.

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Washington, Even in front of the world, China is showing that it is committed to implementing the UN sanctions imposed on North Korea but it is helping the Pyongyang stolen. The US intelligence department has found six Chinese ships supporting North Korea. US officials have gathered information about these cargo ships of China with satellite and other intelligence methods.

According to the Wall Street Journal news, this report from the US Intelligence Department says that all cargo ships are from Chinese companies. All the evidence gathered by Intelligence has been presented before the UN Ban Committee. After presenting these evidence, the US demanded the allegation of violating the restrictions imposed by the United Nations on all 10 cargo ships. China has allowed the United Nations to blacklist 4 vessels on this demand of the United States, but he also said that the remaining six ships are not of Chinese companies.

According to Intelligence reports, photographs and maps given to the United Nations, these Chinese ships were carrying illegal coal from North Korea and were transporting them to Russia, Vietnam or other ships. Some ships closed their automatic identification system to hide the location. At the same time, China has questioned the manager and owners of 4 of the 6 cargo ships, none of which has been arrested.

Please tell us that the US voted in favor of banning it due to the continuous missile and nuclear tests conducted by North Korea. After this, the UN Security Council imposed the highest strict restrictions on North Korea so far. With these restrictions targeting North Korea’s large exports, it was cut 30 percent in the supply of oil. The proposal 2375 was prepared by the US.