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China’s new HyperSonic missile threat to India, Japan and the United States.

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Beijing: China’s new HyperSonic Ballistic Missile is being described as a challenge to America with India and Japan. The Tokyo Diplomat, last month, told the US intelligence sources that the rocket force of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China has tested the new missile ‘HyperSonic Glide Vehicle’ (HGV). It has been named DF-17.

Its first test was done on November 1 and the second two weeks later. Both tests were successful and the missile would be deployed by the year 2020. During the missile test, it went up to 1400 km.

South China Morning Post said on Tuesday, Beijing’s military analyst Zhou Chennaming: “Hgv is extremely complex compared to traditional ballistic missiles and it is difficult to kill. The US, Japan and India should be concerned about the development of China’s HVV technology. It can reach military bases in Japan and nuclear reactors in India with quickness and more accuracy. ‘

Former member of PLA Song Zhongping said that HGV weapons can also be used with ballistic missile DF-41. The missile capacity of this missile is 12,000 km. It can kill any place in America within an hour. Macau military observer Antoine Wang Dong, capable of destroying the Box Thaad, said that the HGV could destroy the US anti-missile system. Thad has been deployed in South Korea to defend against North Korea’s attack.