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China’s missiles are challenging America’s strength in the sky, India may have tension.

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New Delhi, For almost 3 decades, the US and its allies have ruled the sky. There was no one in front of his war skills in the air. The situation has changed between Russia and China, with the growing tension. China’s Aerospace Industry has made rapid progress in terms of technology. China has deposited its coin in the area of ​​air-to-air missile systems, which are specially designed for aircrafts. According to Bloomberg’s report, it is changing the conditions for the Western Air Force and the Global Arms Trade. The point is to note that this is a little changed for China’s neighboring India.

Russia has been at the forefront of modernizing its air force and is continuously working in this direction. Although China has an economy of about $ 13 trillion ($ 13 trillion) and now it can present a big strategic challenge to the US and its allies. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), China’s defense spending increased 5.6 percent in the US dollar in 2017, while Russia lost 20 percent. SIPRI said that China had spent $ 228 billion and Russia $ 66.3 billion last year.

Douglas Berry, Senior Fellow of the Military Aerospace at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, said, “We had the first atmosphere that we could do whatever we wanted in the air, but this is not possible after China.” As a result, American commanders now have to look at the potential losses to pilots and aircraft, which was not necessary for them in the 80’s.

Although the US Air Force is still the most powerful. China has made significant progress in time and in such a way the desire to remain America’s global counterpart has weakened. Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi jinping has launched a number of ambitious projects, in which robotics and artificial intelligence can dominate the industries. It also strengthens its interests in a disputed South China Sea and in other areas.

Actually, at one time when Russia and China were stunned to see the strength of the American Air Force and they had to think seriously about strengthening their force. During China’s first Gulf War, the time came when the American Air campaign completely destroyed the Iraqi military. Russia had to think about the strength of its force in 1999 when the US led bombing forced Serbia to remove soldiers and tanks from their own province, Kosovo.

Taiwan, which China considers its province, is also a big factor for it. The United States offered to offer 2 aircraft carrier battle groups to help tensions with China in 1996, and since 2008, it has helped $ 18 billion in Arms.

So China was forced to think?
Actually, the concern for China was that air-to-air missiles, whose value is $ 1 or $ 2 million, have the capacity to destroy $ 150 million in aircraft. It was necessary for China to compete with the US. China’s defense budget is more than 3 times as compared to Russia or India. Even so, it is much less than US $ 610 billion in defense spending.

The US Air Force has air-to-air missiles, which can drop the enemy’s plains from 160 km away. Although China has PL-15, which has a range of more than 300 km. Due to the radar, fighter jets are difficult to penetrate into the terrain. Russia has not even found such a technique in its missiles. When the PL-15 was first tested, then the Chief of Air Combat Command of the then U.S. Air Force, Herbert Hawk, expressed serious concern.

China has also prepared some missiles in collaboration with Russia, which is being considered better. China has been selling cheap and small weapons to poor countries, but according to the number, it has now become the world’s third Arms trader. The United States has been selling drone technology to countries where China is selling them armed drones.

What is tension for India?
The point of concern for India is that Russia is now supplying China and Beijing is supplying Pakistan and this has created new equations in the field. China and Pakistan have jointly made JF-17 fighter, which the engine has given by Russia. It is also being equipped with radar, which can destroy the danger at long distances and destroy it.

Rajeshwari Pillai Rajgopalan, Assistant Secretary of the National Security Council, till 2003-07, said that this issue often arose in the weekly meetings when China approved its Jet engines to resell Pakistan. If Pakistan’s jets are equipped with new radars and China’s PL-10 missiles, then India’s old Russian MiG could be tough to counter them.