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China’s Howitzer guns posted on the India border in Tibet.

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After light combat tanks in Tibet border to India, China has now deployed Howitzer guns here. China’s official media said on Tuesday that mobile Howitzer were deployed to increase military capability on the border. According to the China government’s Global Times, mobile Howitzer have been deployed to strengthen the People’s Liberation Army in the autonomous region Tibet. Especially for the security of the border, they have been installed.

A report given by the Chinese military experts said that these PLC-181 mobile howitzers can be taken to the vehicle. According to the report, on Saturday PLA gave this information on its Wechat account. According to the report, they were used in Tibet during the stalemate between India and China in Doklam in 2017.

Military Expert Song Zongping told Global Times that the Howitzers can kill guns up to a range of more than 50 kilometers. Song said that this will give strength to PLA in areas of high altitude Tibet. China has decided to install Mobile Howitzer after the deployment of light combat tanks in Tibet. Earlier, when the deadlock between India and China was at the peak, during that time they were tested in the maneuvers conducted in Tibet.