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China’s fastest hypersonic wind tunnel in the world.

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China is building the world’s fastest hypersonic wind tunnel so that the new generation can develop super-fast aircraft. According to China’s official media report, these aircraft will be so fast that the distance from New York to New York can be fixed in just 2 hours, while it takes 13 hours.

Wind tunnel shows how air passes through solid objects. Engineers use wind tunnel to test the models of aircraft, automobile and other machines.

“This 265 meter long tunnel can be used for the testing of hypersonic planes, which speeds up to 30 thousand 625 kilometers per hour, which is 25 times faster than the speed of sound,” said Han Guilai, Chinese Institute of Sciences researcher. They are called Mac 25.

Han told that the existing tunnels near China are between Mach 5 and 9. According to Xinhua News Agency, the researchers of CAS have successfully tested this speed in the wind tunnel of a hyper-sensitized plane.