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China’s commercial, military interest in Gwadar.

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Washington, US think tank community has commercial and military interests of China in Gwadar port in Pakistan said that the MPs, as well as in American politics, civil and all services, including the military praised Trump administration to strengthen partnership with India . Members of the community told the House Foreign Relations Committee during the Congress hearing on Pakistan that the recent changes are indicating that the Pakistani leadership is realizing that China’s investment is about its economic and strategic interests. Is more in

Jeff Smith, Research Fellow on South Asia, in The Heritage Foundation said, “Talking a decade ago, a large number of Indian strategists had expressed concern and publicly complained that the shores of the Indian Ocean Ocean port facilities And can develop accessories, but at the time, these concerns are not given special significance. ‘

Smith praised the Trump Administration for strengthening partnership with India. He said that the US has a unique relationship with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Trump Administration is hopeful of taking it forward. He said, “The strong partnership between the US and India will protect our interests in the Indian Ocean.” Congressman N. Wagoner noted that Pakistan refused to accept China’s demand in which it demanded acceptance of China’s currency within the Gwadar Free Zone.

He draws attention to the fact that the terms of Beijing funding for the China-Pakistan economic corridor have become such an issue that can work to stop cooperation between the two countries. Akeel Shah, a non resident scholar of the South Asia Program in Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said that Pakistani officials realize that this is not for the economic development of Pakistan but for the commercial economic interest of China.