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China’s army is using new equipment for patrol in every season on the border.

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The Chinese army is improving the management of its border security, it is developing new methods of equipment that can be used to monitor the areas of border in every kind of weather. These include equipment like satellite pre-warning system. Government Beijing Evening News told in its news that the satellite is a pre-alert monitoring system that is planning to use in such marginal areas where there is a dispute, or where entry and patrol are difficult.

It was informed in the news that the network of surveillance cameras will also be developed in the border areas and the scope of the surveillance will be increased so that the locations can also be monitored which are inaccessible. However, it was not reported in the report that it is for all marginal areas of China or for select areas Explain that Arunachal Pradesh also comes in the actual line of 3 thousand 488 km between India and China, which China claims as its South Tibet.

The Global Times has quoted military expert Zhongping as saying that with the help of the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) monitoring system, information system, equipment and vehicles, there will be a pre-warning if there is any danger of security. Sung said that PLA has to increase the automation level of its equipment. It includes drones and monitors (tracking vehicles) to install patrolling and unmanned surveillance systems. This would mean that the area of ​​the border will be in constant monitoring and control.

Looking at the different geographical environments on the long borders of China, the PLA has developed tools that can be used on water, air and land. Giving information about the new system of surveillance on the border, the Global Times also mentioned the lake of Ladakh in Pangong, where last year the Indian and Chinese soldiers were stabbed during the firing of Chinese soldiers in Indian territory. was. The PLA has deployed a new patrol vessel which is made of non-metal material. This boat can run 17 armed soldiers at a speed of 40 kmph. It has been deployed in Border Security Regiment in Yunnan province of Southwest China. The boundary of this province meets the three countries.