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China will prepare ‘Polar Silk Road’ in Arctic, the time will be left in the movement of ships.

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Following the expansionist policy, China is now increasingly influencing the Arctic. He wants to extend the scope of his belt and road initiator (BRI) to the Arctic region. China on Friday unveiled its policy on President Xi Jinping’s ambitious initiative. Beijing said that it will develop the shipping route, which has opened up in the area by climate change. China’s plan has increased the concern of the Arctic States. It is feared that China can further deploy the army here.

While issuing its first official White Paper on Arctic Policy, China said that it would encourage the development of enterprises in this area, to create infrastructure. China will also go ahead in the direction of commercial travel trials, to clear the way for Arctic shipping routes and this will be China’s ‘Polar Silk Road’.

In a letter issued by the State Council Information Office, “China wants to build polar silk road in collaboration with all parties.” For this, he will develop Arctic shipping routes. ‘ Despite not being the Arctic region, China is increasing its activity in the polar region. In 2013, he became the supervisor member of the Arctic Council.

According to the official newspaper China Daily, one of the key stakeholders in China is the Yamal LNG project in Russia, which is likely to supply 40 million tonnes of LNG to China in a year. According to the report, due to the start of the movement of ships through the Northern Sea route, 20 days of time will be avoided by the way of the Suez Canal compared to the traditional route. Before this COSCO shipping sent ships to the Northeastern region of the Arctic.

Arctic States Increased Concern

Concern for the Arctic countries has increased due to China’s growing influence in the region and its long-term strategic goals. There is also a possibility of possible military deployment in the area. Deputy Foreign Minister Kong Shuanyu said, “Some people are creating suspicions about our participation in Arctic development. They are worried that our intent may be anything else or we can exploit resources or harm the environment. He said that I believe that such concerns are absolutely unnecessary.

Look at oil, gas and tourism too.
The white paper said that China’s eye is also on the development of oil, gas, mineral resources, fishing and tourism in the area. It says that China will work closely with the Arctic States and during this time the tradition and culture of Arctic residents will be respected and protected. Significantly, through the Belt and Road Initiative, China wants to connect with many regions of the world including Europe, the Middle East. For this, he is working closely with dozens of countries on massive infrastructure projects.