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China said, the ability to risk taking is growing when the coming of Modi in Indian Govt.

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China, which is forced to retreat under the pressure of India in Doklam, has made significant comments on the Modi government’s foreign policy. China has said that India’s foreign policy in the Modi government has become quite vibrant and assertive. A senior official of China’s top government think tank said that the ability to take India’s risk during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure is increasing. Rong Ying, vice president of China Institute of International Studies (CIIS), said that diplomacy of India has been very strong in the last three years.

The think-tank officer associated with China’s Foreign Ministry said that India has created a very different and unique ‘Modi doctor’. This is a strategy of India’s emergence as a super power in new circumstances. These things have been said in an article in the journal CIIS. This is the first such comment by any Chinese think tank on Modi Government. Rong as a Chinese diplomat has also served in India.

He has deeply reviewed relations with China, South and South East Asia of India and close relations with America and Japan. He says that India’s foreign policy under Modi’s leadership is becoming very vocal, though it is getting a mutual benefit. On the Indo-China relationship, Rong said that since Modi has become the Prime Minister, relations between the two countries remain steady.

This great thing about India-China relations

“The issue of border issues not only came to light in the Sikkim region on the China-India border, but the relationship between the two countries had become tense,” he said. Senior Research Fellow of CIIS said that India and China should have a strategic consensus on mutual cooperation for each other’s development. On the relations in the future, he said that both India and China are partners and opponents. He said, “There is competition in cooperation and cooperation in the competition. Cooperation and competition together will be ideal. This is the status quo in the Indo-China relations, which can not be avoided. ‘

Speech-China not Handicapped in India’s Development

Rong further said that there was a need to diplomatically create consensus among the two leaders. The Chinese expert said that China is not an obstacle in the development of India but it is a big opportunity for India. Rong said, ‘No one can stop the upliftment of India. India is the biggest obstacle in India’s development. Although he did not make it clear. He said that the huge market potential of India will provide a big opportunity for China’s economy. This will help Chinese enterprises to become global.

Also mention of surgical strike
Rong also discussed his policy of calling all the neighboring countries of South Asia to the swearing-in ceremony. He said that compared to the old administration, Modi doctorate focused on giving benefits to the neighbors along with their authority. At the same time, efforts were made to increase the impact of India in South Asia. He said that India is tough on Pakistan. The Modi government has not hesitated to attack the Base of the terrorists working against India from POK. He also mentioned about the action of Indian soldiers on the Myanmar border.