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China recovers Rs 715 crore from corrupt officials.

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Confirmation of the misuse of money taken in the investigation of the government order, 450 people of 28 provinces were accused of misuse of money.
China has recovered about 715 million rupees from government officials engaged in corruption. The issue of China’s poverty eradication plan was discussed in large scale.

After this, an inquiry was initiated on the government’s order. In the investigation, the abuse of money was confirmed. 450 people of 28 provinces were accused of misuse of money. It is known that about seven crore people are currently living below the poverty line in China. The Chinese government has talked about eliminating poverty completely by 2020 by the country.

However, according to researchers and social workers, China will take longer to get rid of poverty. According to a report, China spent nearly two lakh crores on poverty eradication in the last four years. Earlier this month, the head of the National Accounting Ministry, Hu Jaejen had told that hundreds of people were punished in the misuse of funds in the poverty alleviation scheme. More than one lakh people have come out of the poverty line list.