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Is China preparing for war? The President ordered to the army the maneuvers.

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Despite the Doklam dispute, the Chinese army (PLA) has not received any softening.
May have stopped the controversy, but seeing neighboring China, it seems that there has not been any change in his stand. This time the Chinese army adopted its house as well as abroad. After the training order was issued by Chinese President Xi Jinping on 3 January, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China conducted military exercises at home and abroad with its navy, air force, missile and police force.

The official statement issued yesterday by the People’s Liberation Army was advised to rescue the soldiers from immediate threats and self-sufficiency. The Chinese navy had practiced on the Indian Ocean’s Djibouti base, which is officially called a logistic base.

With the introduction of 2018, China started maneuvers

2.3 million military mouthpieces of China say that PLA Daily has claimed that with the introduction of 2018, China has started exercising with its most advanced military fighters, including J-20 fighter aircraft, Y-20 transport aircraft , H6 Bomber and J-16, J-11B, J-10C, and Fighter Aircraft.

Practice being done in the plateau of Tibetan!

This training is being conducted in collaboration with other fighter jets, including J-20 fighter aircraft J-16. These fighter aircraft are practicing at places which nobody knows, according to the newspaper, this practice is being done so that the capacity of the army can improve for a long time. This exercise, which was practiced in the ‘plateau region’, is located in the Tibet Plateau and it covers a long real-length (LAC) line between India and China.

Retired Chinese official considers India’s favorable situation

Speaking to the Global Times on condition of anonymity, a retired officer from the Chinese Air Force said, “The situation in border areas is favorable to the Indian Army. But if equals, then the Chinese army should dominate India. Things need to be co-ordinated. Yes, the tension can be fought immediately. That is why it is very important to conduct military exercises in plateau areas. ‘

Doklam controversy lasted for 73 days

At the interval between the People’s Liberation Army at the Doklam Plateau on Sikkim, China and Bhutan border, later on 16 June, between the two countries stood in the middle. The Indian army had objected to China’s claim that it had started building roads in this area, Bhutan’s territory was in this area. After stopping the construction of China, the stalemate between the two countries ended on 28 August, from Jammu and Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh, the actual border line of India is 3,488 kilometers with China.