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China operates the first flight of indigenous Amphibious aircraft.

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Beijing: China on Sunday launched the first flight of the world’s largest indigenous Amphibious aircraft. Amphibius, which was capable of flying both water and land, was flying from the Chinwan Civil Aviation Airport in Zhuhai City (Guangdong Province) in Guangdong Province, AG 600 (Code Name – Kunjong). Huang Lingesai, Chief Designer of the AG 600, said, “With this flight, China has joined the major amphibious aircraft developed countries.” The ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) congratulated all those involved in the campaign. The congratulatory message said that it was a great success in developing the aircraft for a special purpose after the first flight of the huge C-919 passenger plane in May.

Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AWC), a government company, said that the structure of the aircraft is 39.6 meters long and the dain is 38.8 meters. It can fly a maximum of 53.5 tonne and fly up to 500 kilometers per hour. The flight capacity of the AG 600 is 12 hours.

According to a government news agency Xinhua report, the world’s largest amphibius aircraft developed from indigenous technology will be used mainly in the rescue operations in the sea, fire extinguishing in the forest and under the sea supervision. During the relief and rescue operation, this aircraft can carry 50 people and can store 12 tonnes of water in 20 seconds to extinguish the fire. Once the refueling can drag 370 tons of water.