China: Millions back in lockdown as China doubles down on zero-Covid policy

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As China maintains its rigorous zero-Covid policy, numerous cities throughout the country have been placed under lockdown. Wuhan, where the coronavirus was first identified, is one of 28 Chinese cities that have instituted some sort of lockdown in response to the Covid outbreak.

Compared to 1,506 new cases a day earlier, China recorded 1,658 new Covid infections on Friday, of which 377 were symptomatic and 1,281 were asymptomatic. Beijing, the capital of China, reported two asymptomatic instances and 20 symptomatic cases concurrently.

Here are 6 points regarding the shutdown and Covid increase in Chinese cities:

1) One Wuhan district has issued a stay-at-home order to more than 800,000 residents.

2) The largest iPhone production facility in the world is located in Zhengzhou, which has also been impacted by the Covid surge.

3) Covid, which is in charge of about a quarter of China’s GDP, affects about 207 million people in various parts of the country.

4) This month, Chinese President Xi Jinping stated that the zero-Covid policy will not be relaxed. During the meeting of the ruling Communist party, Xi Jinping referred to the situation as a “people’s war to stop the virus’s spread.”

5) Approximately 200 lockdowns have been deployed recently across China, according to Reuters.

6) In Guangzhou, the commercial centre of southern China, both in-person education and restaurant dining have been put on hold.