China launches climate prediction model for wind and solar power

Technology World

The central government announced on Friday that China has created a nationwide climate prediction model for wind and solar resources to help provincial authorities predict energy demand and supply. The model, which provides information and visual forecasts on key renewable energy supply factors like wind speed and solar radiation as well as demand-side information like the average local temperature, was first released on Thursday and will be made available on a monthly basis, according to a government statement.

When peak demand surges during unusually cold or hot weather have exceeded local power sources, power outages have occurred, posing problems for China’s electric grid system.

The nation’s shift towards renewable energy sources, which fluctuate based on weather conditions, has made this situation worse. By 2025, China has stated that it wants more than 50% of its electricity to come from renewable sources.

Southwest China experienced power outages in August of last year as sweltering temperatures increased household demand for air conditioning and little rainfall decreased output from nearby hydro facilities.